Atonement: A Dress That Could Kill

Have you watched Atonement? This Academy Award winning movie is one of my favorites. As some people who already wrote the reviews of this movie on imdb.com which I read all those yesterday.

What I like most from the movie is the score. Like someone has said, whoever comes up with the idea of using typewriter as musical instruments deserves to be praised heavily. I totally agree with him. That sound of typewriter really is, able to build situation.

And I gave my two thumbs up to the two leads, James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. I fell for McAvoy since I saw his performance in Last King Of Scotland, but here in Atonement, I saw him much much much better than every role he ever played before. He's breathtakingly beautiful. Especially in the part which I love most when he speaks French. Doesn't sound too fran├žais, but sounds so damn hot for me.

And as another girl to be, the thing I used to give my attention - even in a movie - is fashion. Some people said that they found the beautiful green flawless dress Keira wore in several important scenes in the movie could be one of those legendarily dresses, like Marilyn Monroe's in Seven Years Itch.

Okay, it's time to stop confusing you now, here's that dress. What do you think?


ANTM, Being A Model Isn't That Easy

I watched a lot of America's Next Top Model for a few days lately from DVDs. Tyra Bank creates the whole package of reality shows which seemed so real. Wish there would be Indonesian producer gets the idea of making similar thing. I mean the idea of reality show packaging, not the kind of that reality show. So far, I'm disappointed of seeing such garbage every time I switched my remote on.

Well, America's Next Top Model is quite intimidating, though! As many campaigns against skinny model, in this reality show, we could see such body shape, and they were dressed fabulously. And for me it looks like the have such body effortlessly. I start watching from cycle 7 which I finished in two days, among my work times.

The point of selling reality shows is creating drama. And of course, we find such drama there. What can we expect? Seeing 13 girls with quite different characters living together in a house, and they are in such a competition. A is so superior and everyone else in the house hate her. Meanwhile, B has lack of confidence and C is someone who can't share with others. Those make the house turn to be a battle field. Yeah, that's what people loves about.

Watching ANTM makes me realize one thing. In my neighborhood, it's such an easy thing to claim yourself as a model. Having a photo shoot in a studio, then the shot was taken for the studio catalog, makes one introduce herself as a model. That was just a sample and still many other. Umbrella Girl, Sales Promotion Girl, used to claim themselves 'Hi, I'm a model".

I put my attention a lot in fashion industry and I know, being model isn't easy. It's not only about pretty face or such skinny kind of shape, though those are a must-have-things. Being a real model, is also about time management, politeness, respecting others, having uniqueness, and the 'it' thing which more often indescribable. It has never been easy.


You've Got Mail, my Frequently-Watched-Movie

" Someone you pass on the street may already be the love of your life"

This is the tagline of this amazing movie. I've been watching this for...let me think, fifty or maybe seventy times? Yup, it's quite often. And the last was two days ago. There' something that always makes me crying in the end of the movie when 'over the rainbow' sounds up slowly

What do I love from 'You've Got Mail'? Hmm...maybe because the beautiful scenes of Manhattan's Upper West Side? Or because of the whole natural chemistry between Tom Hanks and America's Sweetheart's Meg Ryan? They seemed to be effortlessly meant to be. Even New York Times said that the two should win Nobel Prize for chemistry. And for those who already watched their three movies together, would absolutely agree.

The part I love most is when they finally arranged a n appointment, in Cafe Lalo, if I'm not mistaken. When they start fighting, then finally Joe Fox moves behind Kathleen, and Kathleen took a mirror but suddenly Joe's face was reflected in that mirror. That's the funniest scene for me. Naughty, irresistible. How could we avoid someone like Joe?

The other thing I like about the movie i the soundtracks. There are several songs, most of them are pretty much well known. Stevie Wonders' Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Harry Nilsson's Over The Rainbow, The Cranberries' Dreams, and the new one of Carole King, Anyone At All.

And as someone who love quotes, I noted some quotations from You've Got Mail. But what Joe said before the ending of the movie is the words which cry me a river. Always. And here they are.

If I hadn't been FoxBooks and you hadn't been the Shop Around The Corner, and you and I had, just you know, met... Yeah. I would have asked for your phone number and I wouldn't have been able to wait 24 hours before calling and asking, "How about coffee, drinks, dinner, a movie, for a long as we both shall live?"

Deeply meaningful, isn't it?

So, folk, what' your FMW? Frequently-Watched -Movie?


About Flirtation

Most woman in the world would give up everything to be in this kind of situation: Being in the comfort zone of relationship.
This is the moment when we no longer need to be worried of such small things. Having a great understanding of each other's behaviors. And love isn't anymore something has to be questioned. No jealousy, no more tears. And it feel like we're able to reach everything, 'cause there's someone who always stands behind

Stepping in this comfy zone makes me questioning, for how long would we be trapped in these routines?

Unlike some fairy tales which ended up with a kiss in the balcony, relationship allows us to deal with many unpredictable things. Making relationship is quite a long term process. And what makes it getting stronger is many problem we've deal with at the past. Those could be everything, but most of them are in the figure of another person. "the third party' in the relationship. Even when we have quite settled one, sometimes the one who comes with an attraction confuses us.

For the last few days, I flirt somebody else whom I meet in blog. Give me someone who could write beautifully, then I could never be able to resist. Right after reading my blog, he recognized everything about me. The way I live my life, how settle my relationship is now, how much I love my boyfriend, and the way I used to flirt.

A friend of mine' asking me, how could I do that? Could he ever replace my boyfriend?

I wonder, could he?

Of course not. It's just that flirtation used to come in an attractive package. And someone we flirt used to be the one who brings his charms, someone with outer beauty. But in times, we figured out that there's always someone who's waiting for us, at home. He probably isn't that good in flirting, or writing...but he's got everything we need.


From Adam Sandler's Grow Old With You

I wanna make you smile
Whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
all I wanna do
is grow old with you

That was the lyric of Adam Sandler song, played in the end of his old fashioned movie, The Wedding Singer, which we could also see Billy Idol's appearance as himself.

Well, the song is great, I mean the lyric. But, this is not what I want to talk about in this posting.

One of my closest friends in the office, once introduced me to this song. Many years before, I already watched the movie and this kinda teared me, as I am a baby cry person.

And Yesterday, this friend was resigned from my office. He made this decision right after a lot of consideration. Alright, we planned together not to stay any longer there, maybe about 2 or 3 months later. So, this situation makes me feel left alone. He send me a private message which teared me hard. Well yeah, I know we still live here, in this same little town and we could meet as often as we like to. But, office wouln't be quite the same without him.

And accidentally, a couple minutes ago, when I wanted to be online over a cup of coffee, I heard that song. It's not like Rihanna's, which you could hear everywhere as a cellphone ringtones, or easily and oftenly played in the radio near by. Then I ask the operator to play that song once more. It makes me miss him so much to call him.

So, was it a sign?

I, myself, never believe in coincidence. But life is a circle, and aometimes it leaves us trapped in a big question.


Sex and The City

I plan to write a lot about Sex and The City in this blog. Why? Because most woman in this world love, love, love this series, which unfortunately had finished. After Sex and The City The Movie released couple months ago, I - and maybe you - miss so much with this fabulous life of 4 single women - not single anymore in the movie - in Manhattan.

Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and Samantha Jones bring us the chic ambiance, and the guidelines if love live in which also works for us, ladies. I'm so into this series. And it rules my life, more that a little. That's why, I would like to dedicate one category and a lot of writing about this series in this blog. Get carrie-d away :)


Please welcome, Miss Rebecca Bloomwood

Some said that every woman's so called shopaholic. I think I do agree with this statement. But not every woman, 'cause I know someone who's not. Maybe much more better if we say, most woman are so called shopaholic :)
One of my favorite chicklit it Shopaholic series, written wonderfully by Sophie Kinsella, an English author. I read five out of five (please let me know if there's any other else). Last book I read is Shopaholic and Baby.

Shopaholic series is the story about a young woman's life, Rebecca Bloomwood. She lives in Fulham with the wealthy best friend, Suze. She's the journalist of business magazine, Successfull Savings. But she never really understand what she writes about. Becky Bloomwood is actually the reflection of us, woman.

She, just like us, loves to shop designer clothes, beauty products.

She, just like us, can't help herself of not to shop when she's in front of the fancy store, and a lot of things seems to wait for being taken.

She, just like us, used to rationalises our spending, and marked useless items to be investment.

She's not really smart, but she has a good intuition, and a very good luck!

And luckily, She would be on the screen. Performed by Isla Fisher, she would make our valentine celebration even hotter. She would be there, and share her shopping addiction!


Dakota Moon - A Promise I make

Girl...you're every breath I take
Oh baby
You love rules every move I make
Oh baby
And I know, that you can't read my mind
And baby...maybe I...

Don't say it as often as I should
But I really wanted to be heard
When I say I love you that's for good
You have my word that day, after day, after all...
I will always be true...
That's a promise I make to you....

Auch...every time I listen to this song, I'm never be able to hold my tears no to fall...
especially when my baby's around...
Romantic, isn't it?


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Brilliant! This is what I said after watching this movie for the second time. Why second? 'Cause I didn't understand what exactly the movie is all about. After watching once again, I feel amazed. Could someone 'think' that way to create such a beautiful dramatic story?

And surprisingly, Jim Carey bring his breakthrough in this movie. I didn't see his rubber face, during his appearance. What a good combination to bring him here, with an english beauty, Kate Winslet. I mean, who doesn't love Kate, since Titanic?

Here, in this movie, she's really out of who she is exactly, playing a blue haired hippie. I don't know how and in which part, but several times I swept a tears during the movie. They really make a lot of good quotation, but you could only feel them after watching. This is really genious!


being apart isn't always sad

...and farewell isn't always that bad.

This month, two of my best friends in my office, decided to resign. Both of them moved to other places. One, she'd move to get together again with her husband who already moved a couple months ago. The other one, she's young and talented person, and I think this moment could be the milestone for her next step. A lot of opportunities are waiting for her, than if she's still here and staying stuck.

Yes, I lost them. And so with my other friends who were left by. There were tears everywhere during the farewell party. But I, who used to be the baby cry person ever, really amazing that I didn't cry. There's nothing to be cried of. We might live a life in a distance, but everytime i'm sitting in front of my screen, I could always meet them, as fast as one second 'click'.


The Bangles!

I would like to lead your memory back to a moment, 8 months ago. The 80th Academy Awards. After so many rumours that it probably would have been canceled, finally there it was! And it's so much glamorous as it used to be. I could never take my eyes from them. Actors, actresses, and all the guests that turned out to be the walking manequin with red carpet as their catwalk. The smile, the blitz, the crowd!
Couple days later, I look for the rank. which one is the best, which other turned to be the worse. I used to make my own 'best and worse' though! And this edition, I really fall for one thing. The jewelry!
You might remember Tilda Swinton. Yes, she also crowned as best supporting actress in that annually celebration. I don't like the dress. But, look at her hands! Stunning and adorable with wavy diamond bangles designed by Damiani. Which I discovered later has been robbed couple weeks later after the celebration. Unless, several jewelries left in L.A. Thanks to Swinton, then!


Welcome Greeting

Hello everyone...
I'm finally here after so long time of thoughts. This is my second blog, you can find my first here.
Let's share our love, life, laugh...and happiness here.
Welcome, everyone!
And I'll see you very soon :)