About Flirtation

Most woman in the world would give up everything to be in this kind of situation: Being in the comfort zone of relationship.
This is the moment when we no longer need to be worried of such small things. Having a great understanding of each other's behaviors. And love isn't anymore something has to be questioned. No jealousy, no more tears. And it feel like we're able to reach everything, 'cause there's someone who always stands behind

Stepping in this comfy zone makes me questioning, for how long would we be trapped in these routines?

Unlike some fairy tales which ended up with a kiss in the balcony, relationship allows us to deal with many unpredictable things. Making relationship is quite a long term process. And what makes it getting stronger is many problem we've deal with at the past. Those could be everything, but most of them are in the figure of another person. "the third party' in the relationship. Even when we have quite settled one, sometimes the one who comes with an attraction confuses us.

For the last few days, I flirt somebody else whom I meet in blog. Give me someone who could write beautifully, then I could never be able to resist. Right after reading my blog, he recognized everything about me. The way I live my life, how settle my relationship is now, how much I love my boyfriend, and the way I used to flirt.

A friend of mine' asking me, how could I do that? Could he ever replace my boyfriend?

I wonder, could he?

Of course not. It's just that flirtation used to come in an attractive package. And someone we flirt used to be the one who brings his charms, someone with outer beauty. But in times, we figured out that there's always someone who's waiting for us, at home. He probably isn't that good in flirting, or writing...but he's got everything we need.


  1. bored with the routine of love?
    at such moment a little sacrifice of love is needed, compassions and attentions.
    Do not turn your heart to the other,or ruined at all..

  2. Nope...nope...nope, I don't feel bored
    I just put myself in the playing ground.
    And now, the time comes, I know I have to get back home...
    But what you've said is right