Please welcome, Miss Rebecca Bloomwood

Some said that every woman's so called shopaholic. I think I do agree with this statement. But not every woman, 'cause I know someone who's not. Maybe much more better if we say, most woman are so called shopaholic :)
One of my favorite chicklit it Shopaholic series, written wonderfully by Sophie Kinsella, an English author. I read five out of five (please let me know if there's any other else). Last book I read is Shopaholic and Baby.

Shopaholic series is the story about a young woman's life, Rebecca Bloomwood. She lives in Fulham with the wealthy best friend, Suze. She's the journalist of business magazine, Successfull Savings. But she never really understand what she writes about. Becky Bloomwood is actually the reflection of us, woman.

She, just like us, loves to shop designer clothes, beauty products.

She, just like us, can't help herself of not to shop when she's in front of the fancy store, and a lot of things seems to wait for being taken.

She, just like us, used to rationalises our spending, and marked useless items to be investment.

She's not really smart, but she has a good intuition, and a very good luck!

And luckily, She would be on the screen. Performed by Isla Fisher, she would make our valentine celebration even hotter. She would be there, and share her shopping addiction!


Dakota Moon - A Promise I make

Girl...you're every breath I take
Oh baby
You love rules every move I make
Oh baby
And I know, that you can't read my mind
And baby...maybe I...

Don't say it as often as I should
But I really wanted to be heard
When I say I love you that's for good
You have my word that day, after day, after all...
I will always be true...
That's a promise I make to you....

Auch...every time I listen to this song, I'm never be able to hold my tears no to fall...
especially when my baby's around...
Romantic, isn't it?


eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Brilliant! This is what I said after watching this movie for the second time. Why second? 'Cause I didn't understand what exactly the movie is all about. After watching once again, I feel amazed. Could someone 'think' that way to create such a beautiful dramatic story?

And surprisingly, Jim Carey bring his breakthrough in this movie. I didn't see his rubber face, during his appearance. What a good combination to bring him here, with an english beauty, Kate Winslet. I mean, who doesn't love Kate, since Titanic?

Here, in this movie, she's really out of who she is exactly, playing a blue haired hippie. I don't know how and in which part, but several times I swept a tears during the movie. They really make a lot of good quotation, but you could only feel them after watching. This is really genious!