being apart isn't always sad

...and farewell isn't always that bad.

This month, two of my best friends in my office, decided to resign. Both of them moved to other places. One, she'd move to get together again with her husband who already moved a couple months ago. The other one, she's young and talented person, and I think this moment could be the milestone for her next step. A lot of opportunities are waiting for her, than if she's still here and staying stuck.

Yes, I lost them. And so with my other friends who were left by. There were tears everywhere during the farewell party. But I, who used to be the baby cry person ever, really amazing that I didn't cry. There's nothing to be cried of. We might live a life in a distance, but everytime i'm sitting in front of my screen, I could always meet them, as fast as one second 'click'.


The Bangles!

I would like to lead your memory back to a moment, 8 months ago. The 80th Academy Awards. After so many rumours that it probably would have been canceled, finally there it was! And it's so much glamorous as it used to be. I could never take my eyes from them. Actors, actresses, and all the guests that turned out to be the walking manequin with red carpet as their catwalk. The smile, the blitz, the crowd!
Couple days later, I look for the rank. which one is the best, which other turned to be the worse. I used to make my own 'best and worse' though! And this edition, I really fall for one thing. The jewelry!
You might remember Tilda Swinton. Yes, she also crowned as best supporting actress in that annually celebration. I don't like the dress. But, look at her hands! Stunning and adorable with wavy diamond bangles designed by Damiani. Which I discovered later has been robbed couple weeks later after the celebration. Unless, several jewelries left in L.A. Thanks to Swinton, then!


Welcome Greeting

Hello everyone...
I'm finally here after so long time of thoughts. This is my second blog, you can find my first here.
Let's share our love, life, laugh...and happiness here.
Welcome, everyone!
And I'll see you very soon :)