Atonement: A Dress That Could Kill

Have you watched Atonement? This Academy Award winning movie is one of my favorites. As some people who already wrote the reviews of this movie on imdb.com which I read all those yesterday.

What I like most from the movie is the score. Like someone has said, whoever comes up with the idea of using typewriter as musical instruments deserves to be praised heavily. I totally agree with him. That sound of typewriter really is, able to build situation.

And I gave my two thumbs up to the two leads, James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. I fell for McAvoy since I saw his performance in Last King Of Scotland, but here in Atonement, I saw him much much much better than every role he ever played before. He's breathtakingly beautiful. Especially in the part which I love most when he speaks French. Doesn't sound too fran├žais, but sounds so damn hot for me.

And as another girl to be, the thing I used to give my attention - even in a movie - is fashion. Some people said that they found the beautiful green flawless dress Keira wore in several important scenes in the movie could be one of those legendarily dresses, like Marilyn Monroe's in Seven Years Itch.

Okay, it's time to stop confusing you now, here's that dress. What do you think?