ANTM, Being A Model Isn't That Easy

I watched a lot of America's Next Top Model for a few days lately from DVDs. Tyra Bank creates the whole package of reality shows which seemed so real. Wish there would be Indonesian producer gets the idea of making similar thing. I mean the idea of reality show packaging, not the kind of that reality show. So far, I'm disappointed of seeing such garbage every time I switched my remote on.

Well, America's Next Top Model is quite intimidating, though! As many campaigns against skinny model, in this reality show, we could see such body shape, and they were dressed fabulously. And for me it looks like the have such body effortlessly. I start watching from cycle 7 which I finished in two days, among my work times.

The point of selling reality shows is creating drama. And of course, we find such drama there. What can we expect? Seeing 13 girls with quite different characters living together in a house, and they are in such a competition. A is so superior and everyone else in the house hate her. Meanwhile, B has lack of confidence and C is someone who can't share with others. Those make the house turn to be a battle field. Yeah, that's what people loves about.

Watching ANTM makes me realize one thing. In my neighborhood, it's such an easy thing to claim yourself as a model. Having a photo shoot in a studio, then the shot was taken for the studio catalog, makes one introduce herself as a model. That was just a sample and still many other. Umbrella Girl, Sales Promotion Girl, used to claim themselves 'Hi, I'm a model".

I put my attention a lot in fashion industry and I know, being model isn't easy. It's not only about pretty face or such skinny kind of shape, though those are a must-have-things. Being a real model, is also about time management, politeness, respecting others, having uniqueness, and the 'it' thing which more often indescribable. It has never been easy.


  1. I've never imagine to be a top model ekekeke...
    nice post Ken.

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